Avoid the pitfalls of the Italian property market, with its fairly widespread unauthorised building works, and ensure your purchase is risk free... 

To start, you will need to enlist the help of a trusted surveyor or Geometra.

A geometra is a professional whose role is in fact a mix between surveyor, architect and project manager and is an essential figure in the purchase, sale & renovation of property in Italy.    

Before proceeding with the purchase of your Italian home, check that the fabulous downstairs guest apartment is not simply a garage in disguise, or that the very convenient second bathroom is not simply a converted storeroom, with no permits in sight.  Properties with unauthorised building works cannot legally be sold. Proceed with a technical survey before you buy to ensure the property you wish to purchase is indeed saleable. 

As a Florence-based technical office with more than 20 years' surveying and property experience, we can confidently offer our expert technical assistance with a wide range of Italian real-estate matters. 

We specialise in carrying out Property Surveys and Due Diligence Investigations for foreign property buyers nationwide. This includes checking that the owners selling the property are indeed the legal owners, whether there are any charges registered on the property and whether or not it complies with building and planning regulations and Land Registry registrations.

We also handle all aspects relating to Planning & Building, Project Management, Renovation & Construction Work.

If instead you are yet to find your perfect property, we can help you wth that too! Check out our Property Finding section and let us know what you are looking for...

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