Here are some extracts from past Property Surveys we have carried out, to show the various problems we commonly come across, and the outcome...


This survey extract is a classic example of a couple who wished to purchase a property and who found out, subsequent to our investigations, that the property was not legally saleble as it presented many examples of illegal building work, discovered once we carried out an examination of the relevant planning permits and compared them with the actual state of the property...…


Following completion of the survey, we were appointed by the clients to present the request for Retrospective Planning Permission and to resolve the various building irregularities. Our clients were then able to proceed with the successful purchase of the property.


Our client wanted to purchase a seafront plot of land in Calabria, one of nine plots resulting from the subdivision of a larger section, on which to then construct her new property...

Extract 2


As a result of our searches, and thorough investigation of local town planning regulations, it emerged that the client’'s intention to build on the plot was not feasible and subsequent to our findings, she decided not to proceed with the purchase of the land.


This English client wanted to sell the Italian property she had purchased five years prior but, like many owners, was unaware that the property she purchased contained already existing problems and was not therefore legally saleable. We carried out due-diligence investigations and the following problems came to light…...

Extract 3


Our client was lucky as the various irregularities found were mostly minor and we were able to obtain Retrospective Planning Permission. Our client was then able to finally proceed with the sale of her property, but only once these issues had been resolved, several months later.


This report extract again shows examples of extensive unauthorised building works that emerged when we carried out due-diligence investigations for the prospective buyers of this luxury seaside estate...…

Extract 4


The sellers had to resolve all the building irregularities found by presenting a series of requests for Retrospective Planning Permission. Our clients were then able to finally proceed with the purchase of the property, but only after this permission was granted, nearly one year following completion of our due diligence-investigations.


Here is an example of the structural information we provided as part of the due-diligence investigations we carried out on a 926-hectare vineyard with buildings measuring a total of 20,000 sqm...

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