Why do I need to appoint a Geometra to carry out a survey on my prospective property?

We have been carrying out due diligence investigations for more than 20 years and can assure you that planning problems emerge in almost all cases. Some problems are much more serious than others. The seller is sometimes not even aware of the irregularity, either because the property was purchased with existing undiscovered problems, or because the seller carried out unauthorised building works.

Many problems can however be resolved by requesting retrospective planning permission. If this is possible, remember that this procedure can cause considerable delays. Some Comune (local councils) can even take up to one year to grant permission, with a consequent delay for completion and the signing of the Final Purchase Deed.

So what can I expect from my property survey?

You can instruct us to carry out a sopralluogo (property inspection) and we will then provide you with the resulting perizia (survey).

The property inspection we carry out is tailored to your specific needs but generally consists of the following:

  • Inspecting the buildings and any communal areas;
  • Taking measurements of all the rooms;
  • Assessing and collecting all the data necessary to verify conformity with planning permission and Cadastral registrations (plans), data which will subsequently be compared with the official documents filed at the competent Town Council (Comune) and Cadastral Offices;
  • Non-invasive structural checks
  • Checks regarding the general state/condition of maintenance of the property

The resulting comprehensive report will therefore set out all the results of the above, indicating, for example, any signs of structural damage (including roof, external walls, facades, etc) or humidity problems that may be noted, and a clear indication of repair work that may be required or perhaps has already be approved. The report will also give a detailed description of the condition of all the systems (water, gas, heating, phone, electrical, drainage, etc) and relevant information like mains supply connections or other, and compliance with current standards. Old heating systems in particular will need to be upgraded. Septic and water tanks may not comply.

You will also be provided with information concerning access to the property, boundaries and any third party rights, etc.

We will also provide you with the relevant cadastral registration data for the property, town planning information, a full description and details of all town planning permits that have been issued, and an indication as to the existence or non-existence of various certificates demonstrating the conformity of the systems and warrant of habitability of the property. We can also check that no future building developments are already planned for the area and advise you on what is and is not allowed.

We will give you a clear comparison of the factual state of the property with respect to the official plans and permits filed. Due to the fact that more or less serious building irregularities are always found, we will inform you of the necessary steps to take to resolve any issues, or, in the event of more serious problems, we will advise you not to proceed with the purchase. It will generally be possible to resolve most issues by requesting retrospective planning permission. 

If requested, we can also carry out good-title investigations.  

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